KRIS 40+

Offensive side                                                   Defensive side

Model: KRIS 40+

This is a combination blade (different side, one side for attacking & another side for defense), special design for new plastic ball 40+, the center core is Balsa wood

General description:-

Weight: aprrox. 65 gram

Thickness: 13.0mm

Ply: 5 ply

Forehand provides high control, spin & medium high speed.

Backhand consists of a thick balsa ply & thin wooden outer ply with low speed & high control.

This blade is specially designed for a close to the table style featuring backhand blocking with long pimples-out rubber & forehand attack with an inverted or short pips-out rubber. The defensive side is suitable for long pimple player. This blade is a good weapon for long pimple player.



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